The “World Magnificent Landmarks” in History of Tourism can be found in Singapore.  Also known as the “Lion City” is the best place to explore in Asia.  Due to its strong financial standing, efficient health care system, and advance technological development, it holds both man-made beautiful tourist spots as well as natural must see places.  Among the stunning man-made views that can be found in this country is the Marina Bay Sand  which indwells the amazing Sky Park, the world building of the year known as Garden at the Bay and more fascinating buildings which makes anyone get excited to visit the city-state.

Great hotels providing top quality services are evident to this bustling city. It creates an even better avenue for everyone to enjoy and relax while around the places of visitor’s hub.  However, hostels are good and very practical for short-days of stay at the hotel. One of the coolest new hostel perfect for tourist and holiday-makers, including students is the Wink Hostel. It is standing at the most preferred trade and shopping, where Singapore’s largest ethnic tribes reside, the Chinatown.

Exactly located at 8A Mosque Street Chinatown, Singapore, Singapore

Chinatown is certainly very accessible to Singapore’s must-see attractions. Just a bit of distance in the south is Sentosa, an island gateway resort; to the well known skyline and the Singapore’s Central Business District. Close also to this area in the North is the Clarke Quay, a very ideal unwinding place at night. Next to this is the astounding and inviting Marina Bay Waterfront which indwells the Marina Bay Sands hotel, Integrated Casino and Resort.

With this strategic location and accessibility to must see places it is really a nice place to stay. Wink Hostel does not end in with its strategic location and accessibility. Physically in its structure it posses local favors and charm. Its fascinating Chinese style Baroque façade adds to its fascination. With the use of modernized technology, it has become a convenient and comfortable place not only for tourist but also for various business meetings.

Wink Hostel Singapore

  • There is no guarantee that you will be given beds in the same room if you are reserving for more than one person in a dormitory room.
  • Valid passports upon check in is a requirement none other identification card will work.
  • A nominal processing fee of 3% will be made for payments made via credit card while 4% fee for payments made via PayPal.
  • Payment for Security deposits are non refundable.
  • Cancellation or revision must be made not later than 12pm (SGT) 2 days before the scheduled booking. Failure to do so may incur charges for the affected booking made up to 2 nights charge.

Imagine, just about only two to three minutes walk you can reach the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station. With numerous advantages that one can find in Wink hostel, we can say that staying here is a new experience without breaking your budget due to affordability. For only $50 per night you can stay in a single pod, while $90 for the double and of great services as well as safety is assured on modern locking system being applied here.   Come and see the rare offers!